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Photos # 3 – Diocesan Visit in February

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

These photos were taken by Lisa Fox of Jefferson City during the Diocesan visit on February/March, 2006. You can read and see a great deal more of this trip on the LuiNotes blog.

Feb 26, 2006 – Deb, Robert Franken and Sandy Coburn outside the Mothers Union building, where sewing and crafts help women earn cash. Robert is Archdeacon of the Diocese of Missouri, and Sandy was on her second trip to Lui.
Deb, Robert Franken, and Sandy Coburn in front of Mothers Union building

Feb 28, 2006 – Sandy Coburn and three members of the Mothers Union inside their building. Sandy is wearing a headscarf they made and more of their creations are seen at the rear.
Sandy Coburn wearing a headscarf made by Mothers Union

Photos # 2 – Sewing in Mothers Union building

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Some photos showing sewing activities in the Mothers Union building. Both were taken February 4. 2006.

A woman sewing with sewing machine

Two women in the Motehrs Union building, one sewing, one resting

Photos # 1 – Not long after arrival

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Here are some photos taken back in December, shortly after Deb’s arrival.

These photos are a bit large, but there is a lot of detail, especially in the background, that you may want to see. Hope you don’t mind!

Dec 7, 2005 – Deb at the door of her tukel. This was before its outside was redecorated, along with the others in the cathedral compound, for the arrival of the visitors from Missouri in February. At Deb’s feet is the roll-up solar collector that charges her satellite phone, camera, and PDA.
Deb in front of her tukel, a grass roof hut

Dec 15, 2005 – Construction work going on at the Mother’s Union building.
Construction at the Mothers Union building

Dec 15, 2005 – An example of the blue stoles made by the Mother’s Union. These are used by lay readers in the diocese.
Woman wearing a blue stole for lay readers

About that e-mail Address

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Father Dan and I have given some thought to the question of posting Deb’s e-mail address. We decided not to do this as doing so on a blog often results in a lot of spam going to it. When Deb downloads her e-mail it is through the satellite phone, so there is a cost to do this. We don’t want to run this up by making her get a lot of spam. If you want to send her a message ask Fr. Dan or Ron and we will get the address to you. We also ask you to keep any message short and to the point. Please don’t send attached photos or documents, jokes, or long messages, however thoughtful. These should be saved for when she returns, when I’m sure she will have lots of thoughtful things to discuss herself.