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A Rare Wood

Monday, December 21st, 2009

I have this little snack-sized baggie filled with slips of pink paper on my desk at work.  It was given to me at a workshop to stimulate creative writing.  The workshop was an all-day affair that was to stimulate us to think creatively and spiritually.  We made collages, made up stories about things we pulled out of a bag and talked about our lives.  I’m always looking for something to stimulate me to write.  The only topic that ever really gets me going is mission and Sudan so I am writing this as we are at the last moments of packing to leave to go there again. 

Those little pink slips I mentioned have silly phrases on them.  You are supposed to pull one out every day and write on whatever it says.  One of the papers says, “That’s stupid” and it is about what I thought when I saw them in the baggy.  Another says, “Play it louder” and that is pretty funny as I sit at my desk listening to an entire band of bagpipers practicing “Scotland the Brave”!  I think not. (more…)