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The Sudans: Notes from the Parish Nurse

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

(Written for the Scroll for December, 2009)

Deb Goldfeder, RN, FCN

As you read this, I will be preparing to return to St. Louis from a mission to Southern Sudan.  You will hear me talk about drought, hunger, thirst and human misery there as a nation strives toward the election that will finally put in place either their first elected government or plunge the country back into civil war.  It is, as last week’s lectionary reminded me, the birthing pains that are just beginning. 

Parish Nursing in Sudan could bring health, healing and wholeness to people who have not experienced it in body, mind or spirit.  Nutritional problems can be addressed, people can be referred to the physicians more quickly, problems with high blood pressure can be identified before people develop kidney failure or heart disease, and children might be vaccinated against the diseases that most of have not seen in decades.  That’s all to the good and I appreciate the support of First Congregational Church in allowing me to go to see about bringing this type of care to a part of the world that desperately needs it.  But…  (more…)