Nodding Disease Video

A video is now available showing an example of a Nodding Disease seizure. Nodding disease and the seizure were referred to in the earlier blog entry “Buna’s Story“.

BunaAlthough set up for video streaming, it is large for an online video. The total length is 10 minutes 57 seconds, and the file size is 22.4 MB. The seizure itself begins at 6 minutes 13 seconds. Quicktime is required for viewing, available for free downloading.

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  1. Arike Joel Pundro says:

    i am a Southern Sudanese and I went to southern sudan and volunteered for outreach program for neglected Non Communicable disease. Alcohol, Tobacco and other Substance of Abuse. However during that process I became familier with the Nodding disease. Nodding disease causes seizures and affects children brain development and it makes children become physical and mentally stunted mental retardation. It is a disease that medically not known most of the cases are found in areas in Southern Sudan. The most common characteristics of the syndrome are uncontrollable nodding in sight of food. But nodding disease causes convulsion, stunting the child’s growth and also affects the cognitive behavior of the child. The conditions of Nodding disease is a progressive and worse enough can cause children falling with a lot injuries and most of the children affected is from five years to 16 years. The life span of affected children short they die young ages due to loss of consciousness and are vulnerable to fire accident and other dangerous places such water etc. However a lot of medical professionals have come out with different diagnosis some describe it has leading to blindness and some diagnosed that it is more to river blindness. The prognosis of the mortality of it is that, it is a brain damage and starving leading to malnourished and unfortunately these cases are neglected sometimes are abandoned by parents.
    For more information feel free to contact me at the above email.

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