Tanzania conference

Tuesday 09 05 2017 Wednesday 09 06 2017 Thursday 09 07 2017 Friday 09 0802017 Times in CDT
7:30 Morning Prayer Morning Prayer Morning Prayer Morning Prayer 11:30 PM
8:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast midnight same day
9:00 Session I. Introducing the conference; Introductions; hopes for conference. Garden work; irrigation? Work in the Garden Work in Garden 1:00 AM Next Day
11:00 Break Break Break Break 3:00 AM
11:30 Session II. Salvation as abundance: creation stories, Psalm 104 Session III. Fall/Sin; taking fruit as our own; knowing good from evil, in vs. out. Jacob/Pharaoh. Session V. Redemption; Exodus; Manna in the wilderness; Jubilee Session VIII. Eucharist as abundance; Jesus as food; John 6; Eucharist as foretaste 3:30 AM
13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch 5:00 AM
14:30 Practical work in the garden; soil prep? Session IV. Slavery in Egypt as lack of food; hoarding; the man who built barns; the rich young man Session VI. Restoration – salvation as abundance: Revelation; Isaiah 55; Feeding of thousands Preparation of Sermon; Celebration of Eucharist. 6:00 AM
17:00 Break Break Break Break 9:00 AM
18:00 Evening Prayer Evening Prayer Evening Prayer Evening Prayer 10:00 AM
18:30 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner 10:30 AM
20:00 Reflection; Questions and answers. Reflection; Q & A. Session VII. Jesus as abundance; baskets left over; Session IX. Who is Pharaoh; What does Shalom look like?* noon
21:00 End/Bed End/Bed End/Bed End/Bed 1:00 PM