Advent’s Rule of Life

At Advent, we believe the Christian life is lived in community.  To help express the value we place on our life as a community, Advent has developed a rule of life.

  1. The eucharist is at the heart of our life together.  In the eucharist, we receive the gift of God’s life to us; in gratitude, we offer our common life, under the signs of bread and wine; in the eucharist, we participate in the joy of the divine life. Through our eucharistic life together, we join in the divinization* of the world.
  2. God desires to draw all creation to the divine self, and has graciously called us to be a part of this work.  In our eucharistically-centered life together, we learn to discern, desire, and participate in this “new creation.” As Christ became one of us, so we are becoming one with him. Living into this transforming work, we are ourselves transformed into his likeness.
  3. The eucharist binds us together in the Body of Christ.  Because our relationships with one another and with the whole created world constitute our offering to God, we treat those relationships with the utmost care.
  4. For this reason, we commit to being honest with one another, and accepting that gift of honesty from others with attention.  We walk with one another, and all who join us, through the joys and sorrows of life, bringing all into relationship with God in the eucharist.
  5. We trust our whole common life, past, present and future into God’s gracious care.

* Divinization speaks of the union of divine and created natures, as creation is drawn by God’s desire to its fulfillment in the communion of love.  God so loved the world, that in the Word-made-flesh, God joined the divine and created natures.  As the Church offers the world to God, and is sanctified by God’s Spirit, it continues the Incarnation of Christ’s Body in the world and shares the divine joy with all creation.