Lay Leadership


The Vestry is an elected body of parishioners and serves as the corporation of the Church.  In Episcopal polity, the Vestry serves the fiduciary interests of the parish.  The Vestry makes financial decisions, maintains the property, sets the by-laws of the parish, and, with the Bishop’s approval, calls the rector of the parish.  Advent’s Vestry consists of nine members, elected in three classes of three to serve three-year terms.  The Vestry meets on the second Monday of every month at 7:10 pm.  Meetings open with Evening Prayer.  All Vestry meetings are open to all members of Advent.

Three times a year (April, July, and October), the Vestry meets “Not As Usual.”  Instead of conducting the business of approving minutes, financial statements, and the like, the Vestry presents a discussion on a topic of interest to the parish.  These meetings begin at 6:00 pm with a simple supper which the Vestry prepares for the congregation.  Everyone is encouraged to attend “Vestry Not As Usual” meetings.

  • Sue Hansard  – 2023

  • Diana Lewis –  2023

  • Peggy Scheppers –  2023

  • Jenny Armbruster –  2022

  • John Kroes –  2022 – Junior Warden

  • Clare Kujath – 2022

  • Doug Reinhard –  2021

  • Kevin Williams – 2021

  • Bill Witte 2021 – Senior Warden

METRO III Delegate

Convention delegates and alternates are elected at the annual meeting of the congregation for staggered three-year terms. The number of delegates is based on average Sunday attendance. Our convention delegates attend the annual diocesan convention in November and attend the Metro III Convocation which meets 4 times a year, in order to facilitate communication between parishes and the Diocesan Council. These groups also propose resolutions to be considered by the Diocesan Convention.

  • René Sanders  – Alternate 2023

  • Janice Evans – 2022

Finance Committee:

Greg Dell, Harry Dengler, Janice Evans, Mark Naes, Jim Rode. 

Discernment Team for Rector Search 2021:

Jenny Armbruster, Greg Dell, Janice Evans, Nancy Kroes, Clare Kujath, and Bill Sanders.