Children in worship

Church of the Advent welcomes children in worship.  The way children learn to be Christian is by doing what Christians do — worshiping God.  Children worship in their own way, sometimes moving their whole bodies, sometimes wandering around the worship space, looking at the stained glass, coming closer to the front to see what’s going on, or following along in the printed order of worship.

We do not schedule Sunday School during the worship service, in order that children can worship with their parents.  We have created a soft space at the front of the church, where children can see what is going on and have a little more flexibility than a pew offers.  Kids are welcome to come be in the soft space with an adult on the front pew with them.  They can bring soft toys, and there are some available in the front pew.

Children, by virtue of baptism, are fully members of the Body of Christ, and we encourage them to take their rightful place in the worship of the church.